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Fitness Center

Your Pierce Hall Community Fitness Center is the hidden gem in our valley! The Gym includes a full spectrum of commercial equipment for walking, running, rowing, and weight-lifting workouts. A professional Yoga/Exercise/Dance Studio is available for your quiet individual or fun group activities as well.

A 70″ smart TV is also available for members and teachers to use. You can sign in to your favorite exercise/dance program through any of the popular apps including Netflix, Amazon, You Tube, etc.

We currently offer 1, 3 and 12-month traditional memberships for adult, family, senior and young adults. We also offer a popular 10-Day (similar to a punch card) membership. Both come with key fob access. A 1-Day access for $5 is also available either during staffed office hours or with a current member.

Make an appointment or stop by during our staffed office hours to take a facility tour, try out the equipment and/or to purchase/renew a membership.

Would you like to teach Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, Zoomba, etc? Or offer one-on-one Training?
We’re looking for group fitness teachers and one-on-one trainers. You can inexpensively rent the Dance/Yoga/Exercise studio and gym for either $5/class/session if you have your own liability insurance or $6/class/session if sponsored by the Pierce Hall Community Fitness Center. Click here for a link to the Teacher Contract and contact us for further information.

The links below contains the Membership Contracts and the FC policies currently in place.

Traditional Membership Agreement

10-Day Membership Agreement