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August: Articles of Incorporation for “Pierce Hall Community Center,
Inc.” PHCC Founders: Charlie Biederman (deceased), Ken Landis, Dean
Mendell, Ann Mills, Dick Robson, Nancy Esteban Sanz, Midge Scanlan,
Kathryn Schenkman, Bill Zucca.


September: Valerie F. Levitan, Ph.D. appointed “volunteer” Executive
Director; ongoing relationship began with Ann Cousins, of Preservation
Trust of Vermont.


Visited/studied numerous theaters and centers
Fine-tuned Bylaws
Established procedures and policies and elected Board of Directors.

First brochure
Final revised Bylaws approved
Councils established
Roller Derby letter
Tom Wicker:first speaker
Key Club ($1,000) begun to gain October ’04 ownership of Pierce Hall
Route 100 Lions Club $10,000 donation
All 6-town Select Boards’ endorsement
Christine Graham fund-raising training.

Town of Rochester voted tax abatement until 09
Project Architect Robson Bilgen appointed
Concept drawings approved by Preservation Trust of Vermont
(and two grants awarded: Leahy $100,000 and Freeman $50,000)

Arts Council grant of $10,000
New England Collaborative study
May mailing to donors
Harvest Fair booth
Performances by Dorothy Robson & Susan Rule & Dan Levitan
Marx Brothers Film festival.

Restoration of Masons’ Meeting Room
September 9 Reception to honor Masons’ gift
Summer dinner party events
Big Town Galarie and Christmas “cheers” events
Tom Perera:speaker
July 4 Parade participant
“Buy a Brick” Campaign begun
New Year’s Eve Progressive Dinners

Donations by Lamson Howell Foundation, Agnes Lindsay Trust,
Robert Fleming & Jane Patrick Foundation.

Calendar Dinner
Chef Daniel’s Dinner
Val’s Birthday Celebration
CVY/Youth Council events
2nd Big Town Galarie event
Floyd Scholz chickadee raffle
5-town Grand List Mailing

Roof repair, sprinkler system, and extensive Lower Level Water
problems solved by numerous grants and donations
(R. William Becker, McRae Fund, Baird Foundation,
Vermont Council of the Arts, Otto Haas Trust, Vermont Division
of Historic Preservation Tax Credit, Recreation and Education
Facilities Grant, Mascoma Savings Bank Foundation).

February:2nd Grand List Mailing
March:Calendar Dinner.2008
Schedule created for remainder of year.